Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee Update May 2018

Below are the highlights of the Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee meeting held, on Friday, 4th May 2018:

Chair & Vice Chair

The committee elected Councillor Jenny Laing as Chair and Councillor Jim Gifford as Vice Chair of the City Region Deal Joint Committee for the coming year, to April 2019.

Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC)

An 18-month Checkpoint Report from the OGTC was shared with the committee. Since launch, highlights include:

  • The OGTC has co-invested £37m with industry to develop and deploy new technology. Of the £37m, £22m has been invested by industry in matched funding and £15m has been

invested by the OGTC. This is significantly higher than the original expectation of £8.5m matched funding in the first 18 months

  • The Innovation Hub was opened in early October 2017 and with over 5,000 visitors to the Centre
  • Five Solution Centres are now established covering Asset Integrity, Wells, Small Pools, Decommissioning and Digital Transformation. Over 400 technologies have already been screened by the Solution Centres from machine learning to robotics to virtual reality. This has resulted in more than 80 ongoing projects, well ahead of the original target of eight.

Read the report here.

Agri-Food & Nutrition Hub for Innovation

The business case for the Agri-Food & Nutrition project is currently being developed, and conversations are underway with both governments. The business case is scheduled to be available in June this year.


A project to extend the existing Aberdeen City Council’s wide area network to an additional 57 sites is underway which has also been the catalyst for fibre infrastructure investment in the city of up to £40m by City Fibre and Vodafone.

Transport STAG Appraisal

The commission to identify problems, opportunities, key themes and objectives for the regional transport network is now entering the final phase, with the client group expecting the first set of draft reports in the next few weeks. The final report will be produced for review by the CRD Joint Committee at the next meeting.

Aberdeen Harbour Road Infrastructure

An appraisal of the road infrastructure in the wider Aberdeen Harbour expansion project is taking place. A separate commission is being undertaken to create a travel plan for leisure and tourists. The plan is to be presented to committee at the August meeting.

Special Meeting

The committee agreed to a special meeting taking place on 22 June to discuss the digital programme and ensure this is progressed efficiently.