Aberdeen City Region Deal - Governance & Implementation


What does the Aberdeen City Region Deal mean for me?

The Aberdeen City Region Deal is the starting point of a long-term improvement programme that will not only affect everyone living and working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, but boost the area’s achievements on both national and international stages.

The deal represents up to £250 million worth of funding to be received from the Scottish and UK Governments, with additional input from both councils. These commitments form part of an overarching £826 million funding package for the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

The Deal focuses on two pillars – Infrastructure and an Economic Strategy:

 Improved infrastructure to enhance road and rail connectivity

 Increased housing options

 The development of specialist skills and accelerated commercialisation

 Support infrastructure for key hubs, such as the proposed outer harbour in Aberdeen

 Internationalisation, innovation and skills.

What does the Aberdeen City Region Deal mean for the economy and businesses?

The private sector will have a vital role in ensuring the success of the Aberdeen City Region Deal and support is needed to help meet programme objectives in facilitation and delivery.

The Aberdeen City Region Deal will allow for a much bigger say on investment, skills and exports and will allow the region to co-ordinate funds directly. Quicker decisions in-line with local priorities will be enabled. Through targeted investment, the ideal environment for business operations will be supported, through better links to national and international markets, access to training opportunities and improved, modernised transport infrastructure.

Governance and Implementation

Clear governance provides assurance to the UK Government, Scottish Government, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and the wider Aberdeen regional partners that there is open and transparent decision making and project delivery.

Central to the governance arrangements is the Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee, established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, to oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Aberdeen City Region Deal. It will work with both Governments to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

There are nine seats on the Joint Committee, made up of three representatives from each of the administrations of Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council, and the Board of Opportunity North East.

Click here to view the latest minutes of the Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee.